Monday, December 22, 2014

Adivasis 'experience' the goodness of yoga

Yoga became an experience of a lifetime for the Adivasis women who had never before been exposed to exercise regime.

Around 80 tribals, including a few SC women, of all ages, have been practicing Surya Namskarams and body stretching exercises for joint, knee and back pain and now they are capable of training other tribals.

These tribal and SC women received certificates for their participation in free yoga and naturopathy camp at Utnoor conducted under the SC and ST component plan. 

Sources said that the certificates would go a long way in boosting the morale of the Anganwadi and Asha workers, most of whom have only studied till primary and  upper primary levels.                            

Anganwadi worker Mesram M. Kamala of Jainoor mandal said that she practiced yoga for the first time and felt that her whole body was relaxed. She added tht she experienced a unique feeling during the 'Yoga Nidra' after completing the Surya Namaskarams

After attending the free three- day yoga training camp organized by VemanaYoga Research Institute, the women felt that yoga and naturopathy would prove to be very useful as these could help cure various ailments often faced by the Adivasis, without any medical expenses and side effects.

Soyam Jangu, a participant, said she hoped that a yoga and naturopathy centre was established at Utnoor as it would benefit the tribals.

Vemana Yoga Research Institute's director Prof (Dr) K. Satya Lakshmi said that  the tribal women were excited while during and after the programme. She added that though 60 women had registered, around 80 had attended the programme.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Land only for poor Backward Communities

After distributing three acres to landless scheduled tribes (STs), the state government is contemplating distributing government lands to the landless poor of the under-developed castes among the backward communities (BCs).

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had already announced that STs will be given three acres on the similar lines of Dalits. A list of castes which are still lagging behind economically, politically and socially among the BCs is being prepared by the state government.

The intensive household survey held recently had helped officials get information about the socio-economic conditions of the poor castes among BCs.
The government will purchase private lands, if there is a shortage of government land for distribution among poor in the BCs.

Minister for forest and environment Jogu Ramanna told Deccan Chronicle that he and his colleagues urged Mr Rao to consider giving land to washermen, potters, barbers and others, all belonging to BCs.The state will distribute 3 acre land to the landless poor among STs after March 31 next year.