Sunday, June 28, 2015

Special bus fares to be hiked by 50 % for Pushkaralu

Only 50% amount released for crop loan waiver

The state government has released only 50 percent amount of the second installment towards crop loan waiver (that is 12.5 percent in the 25 percent as each installment).

They communicated to the bankers and agriculture department that the balance 12.5 percent in the 2nd installment of crop loan waiver will be released in the second week of July. With this, the hopes of the farmers who were waiting for crop loans have crashed.

It is said that this unexpected development will have its impact on disbursement of crop loan waiver to the farmers to this Kharif season. The state government has released Rs 182.76 crore towards crop loan waiver instead Rs 365 crore as second installment in Adilabad  district.