Saturday, October 31, 2015

Antisocials using tourism hotel for their activities

Some antisocial elements are using the tourism restaurant Haritha at Jannaram for their activities in Adilabad district.   

Sources said, such people were coming from Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Adilabad and were staying at the restaurant as tourists and gambling in the rooms, indulging in settlement of land disputes and disputes in Chit Fund.

It is learnt that some local political leaders and officials are booking rooms for such people and making special arrangements for unscrupulous elements.       
Liquor parties are being celebrated openly at the restaurant and doubts are being raised about women who come along with men on whether they are their family members or not.

Instead of boosting the eco- tourism in Kawal Tiger Reserve, illegal activities are getting a boost. Recently police raided the restaurant and took a few persons into custody while they were playing cards.

News is making rounds locally that even some police officials from Karimnagar district are frequently coming to the restaurant and settling land disputes here. Tourism officials are more interested in increasing revenue but do not bother about the illegal activities.       

Last year, a police sub-inspector of Karimnagar district had opened fire in a hotel room in Nirmal town in which a hotel server injured. It was said that the SI came to Nirmal to settle a land dispute and subsequently he was suspended from the service.

The restaurant was being run by tourism department and there is no proper supervision. The forest department’s role has become nominal though they are promoting eco-tourism in the Kawal Tiger Reserve.

K. Ranganna of Jannaram town said to their surprise the manager of the restaurant say all the rooms were booked one week ago and there was no vacancy whenever they asked for rooms for their relatives who wanted to come to Jannram to visit  forest.

He said the some of the local businessmen and government employees are booking one or two rooms and play cards on Sunday as it is a holiday for shops in Jannaram.

Singer Madhupriya ties the knot amidst drama

Amidst the high drama, singer Ms Madhupriya (of ‘Adapillanamma .. Nenu Adapillanani fame) married Mr B. Srikanth of Kagaznagar with whom she fell in love on Friday evening.

The Singer’s parents were against the marriage and there was day-long drama on Friday before the marriage was finally completed under police protection.

The Bride’s parents had allegedly tried to take her away from the bridegroom’s house in Kagaznagar town in Adilabad district on Thursday night. Madhupriya and Srikanth’s parents approached the local police stating that they were majors and thus could marry of their choice.

Singers parents had asked her to get married only after she settled down in her career as a singer. Madhupriya, however, told the police that she wanted to marry Mr Srikanth on the fixed muhurat at 11.30 on Friday itself and did not want to postpone it.

Both the families were counseled at police station and cops finally left the decision to the bride and groom as they were majors. The marriage was performed with the police protection.

Sources said that Ms Madhupriya and Srikanth had fallen in love two years back.  Madhupriya’s family is staying at Nallakunta colony in Hyderabad though they were native of Godavarikhani of Karimnagar and she was doing her LLB first year and learning classical music and searching for opportunities in the Film industry. 
Srikanth was made some short films and looking for opportunities in film industry.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

KTR plays his fathers' role on Bheem's anniversary

The minister for Panchayat Raj and IT K. Taraka Rama Rao has played his father Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s role at Jodeghat on the occasion of Komaram Bheem’s 75th death anniversary.

Last year, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao attended the same event and promised to develop the Jodeghat as tourist place and subsequently sanctioned Rs 25 crore.

In his speech, Rama Rao said Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has gone to  Delhi to meet the Prime Minister Narendra Modi otherwise he would have attended the Komaram Bheems’ death anniversary and KCR asked the ministers including himself must attend the event.

Along with other Ministers, Ramarao inaugurated Jal, Jaungle and Jameen arch constructed at the Jodeghat and had meal along with Komaram Sonerao, grandson of late Komaram Bheem.     

The kind of security measures made for the KTR at the event reminded the security arrangements generally made for Chandrasekhar Rao. It was quite clear that Taraka Ramarao was a big figure on the dais though there were other three ministers and MLAs on the dais.

Taraka Ramarao begun his speech with greeting the Adivasis in their Gondi language saying ‘Sandirkin Nava Ramaram’ and got good response from the public. He personally received petitions from Adivasi leaders and various organizations and posed for photographs with Adivasi women on the dais. Even, Ramarao had interacted with the Adivasi leaders who put their demands before him.          

Interest of Adivasis to be protected: KTR

Minister for Panchayat raj and IT K. Taraka Rama Rao on Tuesday said that the next elections for grampanchayats will be conducted only after making Adivasi gudems and lambada thandas in agency areas with a population of 500 as gram Panchayats in the Telangana state.

Mr Ramarao told the Adivasis that next elections for GPs in the agency areas will be held in the gram panchayats as per Adivasis slogan ‘Mava Nate Mava Raj’ (Our government in our Village).         

Addressing a public meeting at Jodeghat on the occasion of Komaram Bheem’s 75th death anniversary, he said the state government was in the process of creation of Gudems and Thandas as Grampanchayats.

The minister promised the Adivasis that the state government and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Ra will not do anything against the interests of Adivasis and their survival and will give importance to all the tribals.

He said first priority would be given to the Adivasi gudems in the agency areas in giving drinking water under Telangana Water Grid Scheme and 50 double bedroom houses will be constructed for the Adivasi families of Jodeghat.

Ramarao reeled out various welfare and development schemes being implemented by the state government and was all praised for the CM’s initiatives for the welfare of the Tribals.

Minister Ramarao said state government was making efforts to strengthen the government hospitals in the agency areas by upgrading the PHCs and filling up the doctors’ posts. The government also plans to increase salaries of the doctors working in the agency areas, he said.

Ministers Jogu Ramanna, Allola Indrakaran Reddy, Chandu Lal and Sanskritika Sarasdhi Rasmai Balakishan, in their speeches said the state government was committed to the welfare and development of the Tribals.

Adilabad MP Godam Nagesh and Peddapalli MP Balka Suman stressed on the importance of the education and appealed to the Adivasis focus more on education to change their lives.

Komaram Sonerao, grandson of Komaram Bheem, thanked the CM for recognizing sacrifices of Adivasi matyrs led by his grandfather who fought for their community rights. He appealed to government to sanction double bedroom houses to the Adivasis. All the Ministers inaugurated Jal, Jungle and Jameen arch and paid homage to Komaram Bheem

Dwindling forest cover : Adivasis purchase peacock feathers from other states

Instead of collecting them from jungles in the Adilabad district of Telangana, Adivasis these days are purchasing the peacock feathers from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajastan and Chattisgarh states thanks to the fast depleting forests.

Adivasis use peacock feathers to make hats that are worn by Gussadis( Adivasis)  to perform the Gussadi dance as part of Dandari, celebrated for 15 days coinciding with Diwali.

In the Adilabad district, forest cover has come down to 20 percent from the 44 percent in the last 50 years due to various reasons including indiscriminate felling of trees, wood smuggling and penetration of non- tribals into tribal areas and expansion of small towns in the agency areas in the district. 

In the process, peacocks’population has also come down due to deforestation. Adivasis who used to collect peacock feathers from jungles these days purchases them at high prices.           

A single peacock feather sell for Rs 5 while a bundle for 100 comes for Rs 300. During Diwali, thanks to the demand, each feather sometimes sells for Rs 20.  comprising 100 peacock feathers sell for Rs 300 and each Rs 5.

Peacock feathers are also being collected from Zoos and peacock farms in other states. There are 10 shops in Jainoor selling peacock feathers and each shop will sell hundreds of bundles during the Diwali festival season.

Adivasis use to collect peacock feathers in the forests along with minor forest produce and some of the cattle grazers would also collect the feathers when they went to forest daily.

Abdul Khadir of Jainoor, owner of kirana shop that also stocks peacock feathers, said Adivasis were purchasing peacock feathers from their shops these days as finding them in jungles has become difficult due to drastic fall in the forest cover.

He added that that they have been selling peacock feathers during Diwali for the last 20 years. While earlier only a few bundles would be sold, now he sells hundreds of bundles. Khadir said they purchase peacock feathers in bulk from Rajastan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Gujarat.

Adivasi leader Kanaka Yadavrao appealed to the panchayat raj minister K. Taraka Ramarao at Jodeghat to ensure state funds to Gussadis to celebrate the event on the occasion of Diwali. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minister 'shoots' to fame on Facebook

Photographs showing state minister for endowments and housing Allola Indrakaran Reddy firing in the air from a pistol have gone viral on the social networking site.

It is rumored that he was did this after worshiping weapons (Ayudha puja) on the occasion of Dasara in his house in Nirmal town on October 22.

However, it is said that he has licensed pistol, from which he fired in the air on that day. If so, there’s nothing unlawful about it. In the photographs, his family members were beside him including his grandsons and son.

In another photo, party leaders and associates were standing behind, while Indrakaran Reddy was firing in the air. 

Neighbors in the colony confirmed that they heard the big sounds but they could not say whether the sounds emanated from a pistol. However, district police took it easy. They did not react to the incident so far.

One of associates of minister I.K Reddy, uploaded the photographs on Facebook the next day and it went viral in no time. 

Cops vigil on BT road laying works at Jodeghat

Cops are more vigilant than the engineers of Tribal Welfare engineering department on BT road laying works taken up at a cost of Rs 3 crore which are under progress for 22 km from Hatti to Jodeghat in Kerameri mandal and checking regularly the road laying works.

The police suspects that Maoists may hide or plant dynamites or detonators in the new road or repair works taking the advantage of road laying works and to be triggered targeting the political leaders or others in future.

Cops are checking the road laying works with bomb disposal squads and keeping the vigil on the laborers involved in the road works to avoid untoward incidents in future.
The 22 km road is being laid in the dense forest area which was once strong hold of Maoists.

Cops are not leaving any chance to Naxalites since the Maoists issued an ultimatums to the ruling government in the wake of Warangal encounter in which two Maoists were killed.

It is said that Central and state police forces have been combing the Jodeghat and its surrounding forest for the past few days in the wake of 75th death anniversary of late Komaram Bheem on October 27.

Local police are making trips every day to Jodeghat from Hatti to inspect the road laying works and keep a watch on the suspicious persons moving in the area and also laborers involved in construction works of Komaram Bheem memorial, arch and museum works.

It may be recalled here that, 13 years ago, one person died and few others injured when Naxalites had triggered a bomb targeting a jeep in which government employees were traveling at a curve on the hillock enroute Jodeghat on the day of Komaram Bheem death anniversary.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

100 tank bunds coming up in TS

Khanapur tank which was encroached upon in Adilabad town. 
State government is developing existing tanks as mini- tank bunds, one each in Assembly Constituency in all the districts under Mission Kakatiya in the Telangana. Arrangements for Bathukamma will be made at mini- tank bunds by next year like at Tank Bund in Hyderabad.

Encroachments will be removed from the existing tanks to develop them as mini- tank bunds as per the government order NO: 86 issued recently.  Revenue and irrigation departments will conduct join survey and submitted the report to the state government. 

The mini tank buds will be completed before the next Bathukamma festival.
The state government has sanctioned ten mini- tank bunds to the Adilabad district under Mission Kakatiya but only six proposals have been submitted so far to the irrigation department. These tank bunds will also be developed as tourist spots and picnic centres.

Khanapur tank in Adilabad town will be developed as mini- tank bund and also Dharmasagar tank in Nirmal town, in Boath and Sirpur (T) before the next Bathukamma.

Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao asked the officials to immediately submit the proposals for the mini- tanks bunds in the 10 Assembly constituencies and said he has received proposals so far for only six mini- tank bunds in the district.

The existing tanks will be developed 6 meeters width, Bathukamma ghats will be constructed, sewerage plant will be set up to clean the polluted water mixing into the tank and added that railing, boating plat form, walking track and statues of important political leaders and prominent persons will be installed, area beatification, entertainment facilities, boundaries, cafeteria at the Khanapur tank in the Adilabad.

The water after purifying and keeping the PH percent in the water at required level will be used for drinking and irrigation purposes and feeder channel from Kummarikunta in Kummariwada will be cleaned which is attached to the Khanapur tank.  

Deputy Engineer of Irrigation Adilabad R. Prathap Singh said they have submitted a proposal to develop the Khanapur tank as mini- tank bund at a cost of Rs 18.86 crore in the Adilabad town.

According to reliable sources, the encroachments in Khanapur tank in the Adilabad will be removed and a walking track will be developed in that places as proposed in the report.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Jal , Jungle and Jameen arch at Jodeghat

 Jal , Jangal and Jameen Arch at Jodeghat
The Jal, Jangal and Jameen arch is coming up at Jodeghat where Adivasi legendary Komaram Bheem died fighting with Nizam forces for sovereignty on 12 villages and land, forest and water in Kerameri mandal in 1940. Jal and jangal and Jameen arch is being constructed as it reflects the aspirations of the Adivasis.  

State government is developing the area as a tourist and historical place by constructing tribal museum, amphitheater, multi media hall and Komraum Bheem memorial to attract the tourists.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao may inaugurate the Arch Jal Jangal and Jameen and lay foundation stone to a park on the occasion of 75th death anniversary of Komaram Bheem on October27.

The project is being taken up at a cost of total Rs 25 crore and admonition sanction was given for Rs 18 crore under first phase. A video album was shot at Jodeghat to popularize the project to attract the tourists to develop the place under tourist circuit. The Department of the Tourism is planning to develop the places.

Kumra Manikrao of Jodeghat said for the first time some people looking like foreigners with grey and white hair came to their gudem and it was cultural shock for many of the villagers present on seeing the dressings, behavior and body language of foreigners and added that they spoke in English but villagers could not understand and one person came with them translated into Telugu.

The foreigners took photographs with villagers and all the villagers laughed at them as many of them including women wore shots and sleeveless tops and the entire area of Jodeghat and its surroundings of pristine jungles by using Helicopter camera and there was a photo shoot.

Komaram Baderao expressed concern about their indigenous culture and traditions and expressed anxiety about coming days saying that they don’t know what more they were going to see in future after Jodeghat was fully developed as tourist place.

Most of Adivasis of the Jodeghat were clueless about what was coming up at their village and some of them say that their leader Komaram Bheem’s puthla (statue) was coming up.

Adivasi leaders have started expressing fear of penetration of non- tribals into interior Jodeghat area and will exploit natural resources in the forest just after project was developed as tourist place.

The Adivasis also expressed fear of  non- tribals and outsiders will indulge in sexual exploitation of their gullible Adivasi women in the guise of offering employment under Tourism development like in the Araku valley where Adivasis are inhabitants in the Andhra Pradesh.      

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

E- tailers make most of festive purchases

The e-commerce sites are doing brisk business during the festival season compared to traditional business unlike in the past in the Adilabad district of Telangana.     

Popular e- commerce sites which Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm etc. offers attractive discounts during the festival season. Many people stick to their smartphones, laptops and desktops for online shopping instead of visiting local showrooms to purchase items.  

These days, the reach of e-commerce sites is growing and even in rural areas people are purchasing online with the increased internet connectivity. The advertisements being published in news papers and Television channels attracts many people with special offers including cash back.

Alke Ashok of Adilabad who recently purchased shoes online said ‘online shopping gives wide choice to customer to go through many varieties with different quality and cost and it was up to the customers to select the products unlike in traditional set up’.

It is observed that, even in rural areas people as a group placing orders online shopping sites for items which are within their budget.

More people are joining the bandwagon with the confidence that they too can purchase items online on seeing their kin and friends.

State to purchase cotton from Next yr

The state government will purchase cotton produce from the farmers from next year onwards through state agencies Nafed and Markfed to benefit the farmers and to ensure remunerative price as the CCI officials are not doing justice to the farmers and Central government is not extending help to the cotton farmers.

Efforts are being made to this effect by the ministry of Marketing led by T. Harish Rao and the issue was taken up and thoroughly discussed in the wake of farmers were not getting MSP Rs 4,100 announced by the Central government since CCI is not purchasing cotton from the farmers citing high moisture content than the permissible 8-12 percent moisture content percent in the cotton.

This problem arose in major cotton growing districts including Adilabad, Warangal and Karimnagar in the state. 

Minister Jogu Ramanna said the Nafed and Markfed have their own staff and machinery and godowns to start commercial cotton purchases but it was not possible for this year and said certainly they will purchase cotton through Nafed and Markfed to do justice instead depending on central government and CCI.

‘State government is of the opinion to strengthen its own agencies to purchase cotton by next year and they were doing exercise for this’, said Minister and added that so far total 71,798 quintals of cotton and in that CCI has purchased only 453 quintals in this Kharif season in the district.

According to official sources, the CCI has opened 14 cotton purchasing centre but the cotton purchases has taken place only at five centres in the district. Farmers are not selling their cotton to the CCI due to imposing restriction on the percent of   moisture content in the cotton produce.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Prove graft, will quit : KTR

Panchayat Raj and IT Minister K. T. Ramarao said he would quit the politics if the Congress leaders proved that there was corruption in the Telangana Water Grid (TWG) scheme.

He was responding to the allegations made by the Congress leaders during Rythu Barossa yatra in Adilabad.

Addressing a public meeting here two days ago in Madegoan village in Dilwarpur madnal after unveiling a pylon of the Water Grid, Ramarao said state government had taken up the Water Grid at a cost of Rs 35,000 crore.

The money was mobilized from various banks and sources but Central has not given a single rupee for the scheme.

He said the government working to bring such development in 60 months that was not done by previous congress governments in the past 60 years. He ridiculed Congress leaders for asking whether the Water Grid had a detailed project report (DPR) and asked whether any bank would lend crores of rupees without going through the DPR.

Ramarao recalled that people had reposed confidence in K. Chandrasekhar Rao and voted the TRS to power even though he had promised to waive crop loan worth Rs 1 lakh against Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s offer to clear twice that sum.

He said that the Water Grid comprises 1.25 lakh km. The project would provide safe drinking water through taps in the colonies in Nirmal municipality in another 15 months. Rama Rao inspected the construction works of intake well at Velmal village in Nirmal mandal.

TS water, soil for Amaravati

After division of Andhra Pradesh, the Telangana’s sacredness is being attached to AP’s capital city Amaravati.

The sacred Godavari river water and soil collected from Basar, temple town of knowledge goddess Saraswati, will be mixed with the water and soil collected from various sacred places within the Andhra Pradesh and is to be used in foundation stone laying ceremony to capital city Amaravati on October 22.

Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu personally received Godavari water and soil collected from Basar area from the local TDP leaders.

The Minister also performed puja at Saraswati temple and initiated Akshrabhysam to his granddaughter on the occasion of auspicious day Mula Nakshtram. Devotees consider the mula nakshtram as birth day of goddess Saraswati.

It is learnt that, TD asked their Telangana leaders to contribute sacred water collected from local rivers and soil from sacred places like temples and historical fort Kakatiya and other religious places.

Andhra Pradesh government is collecting river water and soil from various sacred places like temples and forts in the Telangana and mixing them with the with the same collected from various places within the Andhra Pradesh and has  sprinkled around the place selected for capital city Amaravati as part of foundation stone laying ceremony.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Health Mission to aid tribals

The state government for the first came out with a Tribal Health Mission to improve the medical facilities and prevent all kinds of diseases in the tribal areas in the state and improve the health situation in the tribal areas in the state.

Efforts are being made to preparing a comprehensive health plan for tribals with line with departments like Panchaytraj, Medical and Health, RWS, Tribal welfare and ICDS to create better living conditions in the tribal areas.

Principal secretary for health, Suresh Chadda has been reviewing with the DMHOs about the health situation in the districts and available medical facilities in ten districts for the last two days.        

The state government also constituted cabinet sub-committee on tribal health to look after the issues pertaining to tribals. State government has taken serious note of recent epidemic and large number of Adivasi deaths in tribal areas of Adilabad and came out with a comprehensive plan to prevent diseases.

Existing hospitals would be upgraded 30 bedded hospitals all the tribal areas to improve the medical facilities and banks will be set up, recruit the doctors and paramedical staff and emergency medicines will be made available and incentives would be given to the doctors working in the tribal areas.

Treatment centres for Thalassemia Sickle cell which was a genetic disease will be established in the tribal areas following the high number of cases reported in tribal areas in Adilabad , Khammam and Warangal districts in the state.

Specialist doctors like pediatricians and gynecology will be recruited at the community health centres and existing nutritional food centres meant for anemic patients and pregnant women, lactating women and new born babies suffering from low hemoglobin percent.

Focus will be lay on providing safe drinking water to the tribal habitation, sanitation, giving nutritional good through ICDS, creating infrastructure at hospitals as part of Tribal health mission.

A senior medical officer working in the tribal areas said plans under Tribal Health Mission should be implemented affectively unlike in the past and more focus on sanitation, safe drinking water and giving nutritious good and treatment part comes later and added that prevention is better than cure. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Cotton farmers not getting MSP

Natural moisture content which lingers between 18 to 20 percent in the cotton produce hit the minimum support price (MSP) for cotton in the open market as the CCI officials have declined to purchase the cotton citing the high moisture content brought by the farmers against permissible 8-12 percent content.

The CCI will deduct Rs 41 per one percent moisture content than the permissible 8 percent content.So far in the district nearly 2,000 quintals of cotton was purchased at various markets in the Adilabad district.   

This situation creates favorable conditions for private cotton traders who are coming forward to purchase the cotton having even high moisture content percent with deducting Rs 41 per one percent higher than the 8 percent moisture content.

However, farmers are not getting MSP with the high moisture content with private traders offering Rs 100 more than the MSP Rs 4100. The farmers are losing in terms of deduction Rs 400 -500 an average for higher moisture content percent.
In the process, cotton farmers are not getting minimum support price MSP Rs4,100 by the central government.                   

Farmers say it is common that moisture content percent will be more than 20 percent in the present weather conditions though farmers not applying water as CCI officials allege to increase the cotton weight. The moisture content percent will come down gradually by the second picking.

Congress state secretary Gandrath Sujatha said CCI officials are making the moisture content percent an issue to bring in the private cotton traders declining to purchase cotton in the guise of high moisture content.

Sujatha demanded that state government should announce Rs 1,000 bonus per quintal cotton like Maharashtra government while ensuring MSP to the cotton by CCI and added that officials and Ministers, MLAs of ruling party are extending support to the private cotton trader and creating favorable conditions for them.

She found fault with the government for insisting on farmers to bring cotton having 8-12 percent moisture content and even pasting wall posters with this regard in the villages though the Ministers know very well that more than  20 percent moisture content is common in the initial days.

I want to be Komaram Bheem in real life too, says Bhoopal

Komaram Bheem has once again revolted against the state and central government’s oppressive culture.

Popular writer and actor M. Bhoopal Reddy, popularly known as Bhoopal, who acted in the title role of Komaram Bheem film has announced that he is returning his Kendra Sahitya Akademi award in protest against the ‘communal politics’ of the government at Centre and sinking space for freedom of expression, humanity and democracy under this government. This was the first protest from the artist community in the state.

He also returned his Ugadi award given for his contribution in literature by the state government in protest against the killing of Shurti in an encounter in Warangal in which Shruti and another Naxalite Vidyasagar killed. 

Mr Bhoopal who lives in Hyderabad was recipient of Kendra Sahitya Akademy award-2011 for his children book ‘Uggupalu’, compilation of 90 children’s stories.
Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Bhoopal said ‘he wanted to be a Komuram Bheem in his real life not just in reel life and added that he was proved this with his gesture’.

He is upset with the killing of writer M. M Kalburgi of Karnataka who was also a Kendra Sahitya Akademy Award winner and nobody was arrested even after 46 days of his killing.

Bhoopal said Shruti who was killed in Warangal was his friend’s daughter. He was told that she was killed in fake encounter. He wondered what happened to the promise of an encounter- free Telangana by the rulers and observed that there was huge unrest among the students and youth who fought for the separate telangana state and hundreds of farmers committing suicide.

‘Much corruption is prevalent in all the government offices and works are kept pending if not paid bribes to the officials or employees which people of the telangana never expected in the separate Telangana state’, he observed.   

Bhoopal had played lead roles in other famous film ‘Mabhoomi’ directed by Goutam Ghosh and ‘Daasi’ by B. Narsing Rao. Both the films were made with the theme of fighting against then feudal land lords and depicting then feudal agrarian and social relations in the Telangana.

He had close association with the Adivasis of Adilabad district and influenced much with their culture and traditions which he studied and researched to live up to Komuram Bheem’s role in the film directed by Alllani Sridhar.

Komaram Bheem film bagged two Nandi awards and Sarojini Devi award for movie on National Integration before its official release. The film was produced with the financial assistance of ITDA, Utnoor in 1980’s   

Bathukamma boost marigold farming

The input subsidy by the government coupled with the prominence to the Bathukamma festival where flowers are extensively used, have boosted cultivation of marigold in Adilabad district of Telangana.

The vibrantly hued and considerably large sized flowers of marigold make it the most preferred while decorating ‘Bathukamma’ and this has created demand for its cultivation.

Apart from ‘tangedu’ and gunugu  flowe, women used marigold in the floral arrangement. The Bathukamma festival has gained much importance after carving out of separate Telangana.  

To encourage farmers grow flowers, the horticulture department has been giving subsidy to the farmers cultivating marigold, jasmine and other varieties and as expected , many peasants opted for them as there is good profit. Marigold is a four-month crop involving very less risk.     

Assistant director, Agriculture dept, Adilabad Mohd Sattar said there is high demand for flowers these days as use of flowers has increased many times in day today life and on every occasion like Diwali, Dassara, Ayyappa and Bathukamma celebrations.
‘The rise in demand for marigold has increased due to the increasing popularity of Bathukamma festival’.

Earlier, the cultivation of these flowers was just confined to surrounding Hyderabad but now it has spread to all other districts in the state as farmers are getting remunerative prices’, Mr Sattar said.

According to official sources, the cultivation area of marigold has increased to nearly 300 acres this season from 60 acres earlier.  Marigold is prominent grown in Bhainsa, Gudihatnoor, Luxettipet, Tanoor, Adilabad, Nirmal, Ichoda, Kagaznagar areas in the district.  The total cultivation area of all flowers put together is 600 acres in the Adilabad district.

Boora Pocham, a farmers of Raspalli village in Kagaznagar mandal, said he cultivated marigold in 2.5 acre, this season, of the totally seven acres he totally owned in view of the high demand for those flowers.

Nearly 15 farmers are cultivating flowers, especially marigold, in the Sirpur (T) Assembly constituency following the encouragement from MLA Koneru Konappa.
Horticulture department is giving special subsidy for cultivation of flowers to meet the local demand and to encourage farmers to go for cross cultivation.

Marigold is priced between Rs 50-70 a kg and during the peak season, it even touches the Rs 200 a kg mark. Cultivation of flowers has increased in Bhainsa, Gudihatnoor, Luxettipet, Tanoor, Adilabad, Nirmal, Ichoda, Kagaznagar areas in the district.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Census-2011 data to be linked to Aadhaar

The Census-2011 data base is being linked to Aadhar card, bank account and ration cards of individuals under a new project for National Population Register (NPR). For this, field verification of Census-2011 data to be taken up from November 16 to December 15 in the Telangana.

It is said that Central government may issue nationality identity cards to the citizens and that is why the data is being linked with personnel data to eliminate fake data and develop a system to track the nationals and outsiders.

The Census data after linking to Aadhaar, ration card and bank account may be used for different purposes including implementation of welfare and development schemes and to identify the real beneficiaries and needy people and eliminate the ineligible persons from the schemes.            

This project is being taken up for National Population Register (NPR)which updates the data of the Census and do additions and deletions from the data based on the field survey and information to be collected during house hold survey.

According to officials involved in the project, names of the new villages those who newly settled in the villages and migrants will added to the Census data of 2011 and deleted the names of the persons who died and migrated from the villages to other places.

Principal secretary of planning B.P Acharya told the district officials during a video conference recently that the Census-2011 data base will be linked with the Aadhaar numbers of individuals and data base will be corrected with the field level verification during house to house survey.

As many as 5,023 government teachers will be appointed as enumerators for survey. Enumerators will conduct field level verification in 7026 enumeration blocks in the district during the survey to be taken up from November 16 to December 15.

Training will be given to the enumerators in the second week of November at district level. Special remuneration will be given to the enumerators and 100- 150 houses will be allotted to each enumerator for verification as part of house to house survey. 


Non- tribals ask to relax Tribals Act

 Lambada Tribal leaders of TDP and Cong participates in rally in Utnoor 
Telugu Desam leaders stole the show of non- tribals who thronged the Utnoor town in Adilabad district on Tuesday demanding the state government to relax the 1/70 Act (A.P Scheduled Areas Land Transfer Regulation 1 of 1970) to enable land transfers to non- tribals and issue pattas to their lands in tribal areas.    

Utnoor police had denied the permission to the non- tribals’ meeting citing the possible law and order problem in the area and some tribals opposed the non- tribal meeting.

However, police allowed the non- tribals to gather at a function hall on the city outskirts where non- tribal leaders and TDP and Congress leaders addressed the gathering.                

Non- tribals living in 32 tribal mandals of the district have launched an agitation under the banner of Non- Tribals Rights Protection Committee demanding issue pattas to their lands and allowing land transfer between non- tribals and jobs in tribals areas. 
Non-tribals participated in the rally raised slogans against the Telangana government.          

Participation of former Adilabad MP Ramesh Rathod, defeated MLAs of Boath and Khanapur eats Anil Jadhav and Azmeera Hari Naik of Congress in the event actively and lead the rally in the Utnoor surprising everybody.

TDP senior leaders Boda Janardhan, Pati Subadra, Younus Akbani and Sriram Naik of BJP, non- tribal leader Bharath Waghmare and Kamble Namdev participated in the meeting and extended their support to the agitating non tribal and their demands.           
Lambada tribal leaders openly participating in the agitation programmes of non- tribals against the existing Tribal Acts.

In their speeches non- tribal leaders targeted Adilabad MP Godam Nagesh of TRS who defeated Ramesh Rathod in the last elections and held Nagesh responsible for the police denying the permission for their meeting and said non- tribal are not begging the state government but they were demanding for their rights in the agency on par with the tribals as they have been living in the agency area for long time. No ruling party leaders, MLA and Ministers attended the meeting.   

Utnoor DSP Venkateshwarlu supervised the situation in the Utnoor till the non- tribals left the Utnoor to their native places.

BT cotton has no pest resistance, says farmers

After unwanted rains, the cotton crop now faces a threat from the so-called sucking pest which is eating up the yield.

The pest popularly known as Laddepurugu (Spodptera Lithura), American Bollworm, Verupurugu (Root grub) attacked BT- cotton plants, though  the variety  is considered to be Bt cotton was considered to be pest resistant up to nine months. The yield is likely to come down as cotton plants whither under pest attack.

Progressive farmer Narala Vasanth of Kokasmannur village in Ichoda said, it appears that the Laddepurugu has improved its resistance and eating the BT cotton plant at the seventh itself.

BT cotton plants  was considered to be pest resistant up to 90 days and there will be no affect pets on the cotton plants even though pest attacked the plant at that stage.

He said the pest may attack the BT cotton much early in the coming seasons with the increased resistance of the pest and added that farmers were not following the  advise of the agriculture officials that farmers should sow four lanes of non-BT cotton beside the BT cotton. It is found that the sucking pest was not killed by pesticides.

Minister Jogu Ramanna who visited cotton fields in the Deepaiguda in Jainad mandal said even agriculture scientists were clueless about the pest attacked on cotton plants this season. He said scientists were still in the field researching the reasons for pest attack.

Retired assistant director of agriculture C. Narsing said the farmers will get 120 grams of non BT seeds along with 450 grams BT seeds but farmers are not sowing non BT seeds beside the BT seeds.  

Cotton was cultivated in 3.17 lakh hectares in this Kharif season in district. Cotton cultivation was high in Adilabad division in the district. Pest attack was high in Adilabad, Bela, Jainad, Tamsi, Talamadugu, Ichoda mandals. There are 3.5 lakh farmers in the district.               

Monday, October 12, 2015

Above 3,000 RMPs work in Adilabad

The Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Utnoor officials have identified more than 3,000 Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) working in 13 out of total 52 mandals and their number will be much more in the entire Adilabad district of Telangana.  

Officials are arresting RMPs on the charges of giving wrong diagnosis to the patients especially tribals and damaging their health and sometimes resulting in their death.
RMPs were asked to submit the samples of malaria tests and diagnosis reports to the medical department on regular basis so that medical experts assess the diagnosis given by the RMPs.

Agency medical officials say that untrained RMPs are creating panic among the people of the tribal areas especially Adivasis with wrong diagnosis of malaria falcifparum and dengu cases and referring them to the corporate hospitals in Karimnagar, Warangal and Hyderabad with whom they had connection and get  heavy commissions.       

It is found that 200 to 300 RMPs are rendering their services in the rural areas in district. ITDA officials recently seized RMP clinic in the Utnoor for wrong diagnosis and causing death of a tribal.The RMPs have been collecting huge fees from gullible tribal people for treating the patients.

However there were incidents where RMPs saved the lives of the people in interior areas in the absence of trained doctors. RMPs and also some fake doctors running clinics in the tribal areas.

Medical, revenue and police departments recently conducted a meeting with RMPs at Utnoor and warned them not o give faulty diagnosis like giving high dose medicines and antipyretics for immediate relief to the patients as it can cause health problems.
A tribal patient of Jendaguda in Jainoor died of faulty diagnosis by the local RMP.  Most local RMPs refer the patient to the government hospital when the latter’s condition become serious.

Another tribal patient of Pitlanaik Thanda of Sirpur (U) died while undergoing treatment at RIMS who was admitted there with serious health complications due to faulty diagnosis at a clinic run by a fake doctor in Utnoor mandal headquarters.

Collector M. Jagan Mohan wrote letters to 17 clusters of Compulsory Nutritional and Health (CPH) to keep a watch on local RMPs and their faulty diagnosis.
District Malaria officer Alham Ravi said they have identified more than 3,000 RMPs in eight high risk mandals in Utnoor division and in Kadam, Sirpur(T), Jannaram, Kasipet and Kagaznagar mandals in the district.

It is learnt that state government is planning to impart training to RMPs, PMPs (Private Medical Practitioners) with regard to primary medical treatment to improve their standards and can use their services in emergency.