Sunday, July 31, 2016

Farmers misuse 'late loans'

farmers thronged the bank at Indravelli for crop loans 
A majority of the farmers misuse the amount of ‘late loaning’ they take from the banks as a crop loan, usually granted in the month of July or August for Agricultural purposes.

Farmers throng to banks at a time when all the major agriculture operations are over except weeding- and are then found using the money for distinctly for non- agriculture purposes, such as alcohol consumption, celebrating seasonal festivals and visiting temples.      

They also use the money to repay the high interest they owe moneylenders who brokered the crop loan for them from the banks and who also gave them the money  to clear the pending crop loan.

Farmers generally take a loan from moneylenders and middlemen to purchase seeds, fertilizers and pesticides in May month itself since most banks don’t start giving crop loans in May. It is thus a nexus between private moneylenders and intermediaries and bank mangers.

After purchasing the seeds and other requirements , the farmers first approach the money leaders for the money to clear the pending bank loan so that they can apply for fresh loans from the bank. The moneylenders charge 2-5 percent interest for 15 days to a one- month period.

The farmers clear the pending crop loan amount and take a fresh loan and repay the loan and interest to the moneylender: the amount that remains is used for the celebrating festivals, such as Bonalu and pochamma.

A farmer Pothi Reddy of Kuchulapur village in Boath mandal said farmers who take crop loan in July or August use only 20-30 percent amount of it for agriculture while misusing the main part of it becoming indebted to private money-lenders and banks.

He pointed out that bankers usually delayed disbursing fresh crop loan once the farmer had cleared the pending crop loan with his money but they will give crop loan amount immediately if you go along with a middleman or broker and money lender.

According to sources, all the bank put together have so far disbursed Rs 1,000 crore to 1.30 lakh farmers out of  Rs 3,252 crore credit planned for the 2016-17 while the bankers achieved only 74 percent of their credit plan by disbursing Rs 2,151 crore to 3.46 lakh farmers out of total credit of Rs 2,907 crore for the year 2015-16.           

Thursday, July 28, 2016

KCR to showcase Mission Bhagiratha to Narendra Modi

After giving a power point presentation on irrigation projects and their redesigning in the Assembly, Chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is likely to give another power point presentation on Mission Bhagiratha project, it's functioning, and benefits during prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Telangana to inaugurate various development projects.

Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Mission Bhagiratha in Gajwel in Medak district when he visits Telangana on Augusts 7.

The ongoing works on mission Bhagiratha (water grid) at Kadam project was shot, using drone cameras by the experts came from Hyderabad at the behest of top irrigation department officials.

Deputy Engineer of the Kadam water grid Venkatapathi, who supervised the shooting said Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao would use this footage  in a power point presentation, showing Mission Bhagiratha’s  implementation at various places in the state, during PM’s visit.

Work on the Kadam water grid was taken up at a cost of Rs 400 crore. The TS government has been appealing to the Centre for special funds for flagship programs, Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya, the PM’s visit serving as the ideal occasion to showcase these projects. It would draw attention to the scheme and justify the seeking of funds.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Adivasis alleges KCR dividing them in the name of new districts

Adivasi legendary Kumram Bheemu's grandson Sonerao addressing meeting 
Leaders of various Adivasi organizations alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is dividing the Adivasis for political benefit in the name of the creation of new districts in the state. They demanded the creation of Kumram Bheemu district with 13 tribal mandals including historical Jodeghat of  Kerameri mandal.

The Adivasis threatened to intensify their agitation if state government failed to create Kumram Bheemu district with Jodeghat.   

Hundreds of Adivasis from Utnoor and Asifabad divisions gathered at Jodeghat in Keramaeri mandal and held a meeting in connection with their demand. Adivasi leaders alleged that Telangana state was created at the cost of the Adivasis of the Khammam district. Now again new districts are being created against the interests of the Adivasis in the Telangana state.

The speakers said there is no meaning in Mancherial naming after Kumram Bheemu when their religious places and temples Nagoba, Jangubai, Padmalpuri Kako, Demmalrajul, Indradevi and Kawal Tiger reserve, Kadam and Kumram Bheem projects have remained in Adilabad district.          

All the speakers questioned how state government could merge the Agency areas with the plain areas against the 5th schedule of Indian constitution and PESA Act. This move was against the constitutional safeguards of the Adivasis.

The leaders said Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is creating the new district in the Tribal areas without taking the consent of the Tribal Advisory committee with the MLAs in the state while reminding that there was no Tribal Advisory committee in the state at present.

Adivasi leaders alleged that state government is creating new district eyeing on rich minerals in the agency areas in the Adilabad and said no Adivasi will get elected as public representative if Agency areas are divided vertically and splitting their own vote bank.

‘There is no meaning in creating the Kumram Bheemu district with Mancherial as its headquarters without Jodeghat and Kerameri mandal. The leaders said they had no objection in naming the Kumram Bheemu after Adilabad district merging the agency mandals’, speakers said.

The Adivasi leaders regretted that there would not be any protection for the Adivasis in the developed Mancherial area and their population will be lower as compared to other areas in the district.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Kabali fever grips even agency areas

The fever of the much hyped Kabali movie starring Rajinikanth hit the Agency areas too in the Adilabad district of Telangana. The movie has created some sort of sensation in the agency areas in the Adilabad district much before its release scheduled on July 22.

The movie like Kabali is releasing for the first time in a theatre in Utnoor town and online tickets booking started three days ago and Kabali cinema trailers were aired  on local cable channels. Many youths were waiting to watch the first show of the movie with much anxiety.

It is said that a large number of Adivasi youth from surrounding villages are planning to come to Utnoor to watch the movie of their favorite hero Rajinikanth   on the first day itself.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Adilabad on alert as Cholera spreads

Poor sanitation and polluted drinking water in the villages have led to a rise in cholera cases in the district.

As many as 35 people including children suffering from the symptoms of the Cholera are undergoing treatment at Boath Community Health Centre. Six among them are confirmed cases, say sources.

These patients are from Kauta (B), Kanigutta, Pochera, Nigini villages in Boath mandal.

However, medical authorities say that these cases are yet to be confirmed as Cholera and they sent stool samples of two patients for medical tests to RIMS and from there to Apollo hospital in Hyderabad.

Dr. Rahul of Boath Community Health Centre, however, said that cases were yet to be confirmed as cholera, and they had sent stool samples of two patients to the RIMS which had forwarded them to Apollo hospital in Hyderabad.

District Medical and Health officer Jalapath Naik was camping at the health centre and had been monitoring the situation for the last two days.

District collector M. Jagan Mohan visited the health centre on Wednesday and interacted with patients undergoing treatment there. 

He also spoke with the DMHO and doctors about the situation and condition of the patients. Collector also visited the Kauta (B) village from where most of the patients came from there.

Brothers Sandeep and Pardeep, both bellow 5 years, of Darbha Thanda in Neredigonda, were admitted to the Boath community health centre on Wednesday. They too, were suffering from loose motions.

Dr. Jalapath Naik said that the senior health officer of Boath looking after the patients and he had sent their stool samples to RIMS for confirmation of cholera and reports awaited.  

Poor sanitation and lack of chlorination are causing seasonal diseases in the villages. Officials of Panchayati raj department and RWS have failed to take up adequate measures to prevent these seasonal diseases.

Piles of garbage up and unclean drainage are regular scenes in the villages and village revenue secretaries, sarpanches, and health sanitation committees are inactive.          

Five basic prevention steps:

Drinking and use safer water, which is either boiled or treated it with a chlorine product or household bleach.

Wash hand with soap and safe water.

Use latrines or bury your faeces; do not defecate in any water body.

Clean latrines and surfaces contaminated with faeces using bleach water. 

Cook food well, keep it covered, eat it hot and peel fruits and vegetables.     

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

No alarm system at projects

Kumram Bheem project 
The rainwater is being released to downstream from irrigation projects without prior warnings or alerting the people of the downstream in the Adilabad district.

Water released from Kumram Bheem and Mattadi vagu irrigation projects were over flowing as they received huge rainwater from the upstream and following the heavy rains. 

Generally, cattle grazers cross the steams and rivulets while returning to home, youth venture into streams for swimming and fisherman fish in the streams and rivulets in the downstream.       

As many 1,500 cusecs water released to downstream from the Mattadu vagu project by lifting one gate on Saturday while  24,000 cusecs water from Kumram Bheem project by lifting three gates the first day.

According to official sources, as many as 40 mandals received excessive rainfall while 12 mandals normal out of total 52 mandals in the district. The district received average rainfall 69.4 mm on July10. While received 413 mm actual rainfall against the normal rainfall 284.1 mm in the last month one.

Three youth were washed away in the water released to downstream from Kumram Bheem project without altering the people of downstream in the past.

There was no alarming system in place at the majority irrigation projects to alert the villagers before releasing the water to downstream from the projects and this has become the cause of concern in the wake of monsoon in the district.

The alarm system was not set up at Kumram Bheem medium irrigation project at Ada village in Asifabad mandal though it was inaugurated officially by releasing water from left canal of the project by the then chief Minister N. Kirankumar Reddy in November, 2011.  

Four SSC students of Nazrulnagar of Kagaznagar mandal swimming in the Peddavagu at Namanagar village washed away in the waters suddenly released from Komarambheem Project following the heavy inflows into project following the incessant rains on July24, 2012. 

A washerman also washed away and an RTC bus with passenger was stranded in the flood waters near Bhainsa when water was released from Suddavagu project without giving any alarm to alert people in the past.    

There was no monitoring system in place to alert the people of villages along the Saraswati canal in Nirmal division if water released into the canal from the Sriram Sagar Project (SRSP).

There are nearly ten medium and minor irrigation projects in the district includes Kumaram Bheem, Sripada Yellamapalli, Gollavagu, Rallivagu, Vattivagu, Kadam, Mattadivagu, Satnala, Suddavagu, and Neelvai. Another medium irrigation project Jagannathpur project at Kagaznagar is under construction.  

Heavy rains highlight need for projects, check dams

Kadam river  in spate at Kupti 
Once again, heavy rains highlighted the need to have irrigation projects on the rivers Penganga, Pranahitha and Godavari to utilize the water for agriculture and drinking water purposes and avoid floods instead valuable water going into the sea.

The heavy rains also reminded the need to construct the check dams on the streams and rivulets to increase the ground water table instead allowing the rainwater going waste during the monsoon every year in the Adilabad district.

Flood water entered into the villages located on the shore of the rivers and some of the villages marooned along the Penganga, Pranahitha ad Godavari and streams and rivulets flowing high following the heavy rains in the district.

The minor and medium irrigation projects have received flood water more than their actual capacities and discharging the water to downstream lifting the gates in all most all the projects in the district.

The projects have suffered some loss in terms of its actual water storage capacity due to accumulated heavy siltation over the years and no efforts for desiltation in the subsequent years.

Authorities made efforts for desiltation in Kadam irrigation project last year to increase the storage capacity of the project but there were no such efforts in case of other projects in the district. There was a steep fall in the actual storage capacity of the SRSP.

The rivulets Kushnepalli, Kukuda, Theegala Orre and Talaiguda vagu were overflowing with rainwater and cut off road connectivity to the 35 villages in Bejjur mandal while road connectivity to the 10 villages in Dahegoam mandal due to Erravaguorre overflowing.

On the other hand, road connectivity badly affected to bordering villages in Jainad mandal due to river Penganga water flowing over the interstate bridge at Anandpur village in Jainad mandal.  

Rain fury envelopes state :

The standing crops, cotton, red gram and soya on hundreds of acres submerged in the floodwaters following the incessant rains that struck in the last four days in the district. 

The heavy rains that lashed various places badly hit the standing crops in the plant growing stage itself causing much damage to the yield.  

The streams and rivulets were flowing high and rivers Penganga and Pranahitha flowing high while the Godavari received the comparatively good amount of water.

The Kadam river which was in spate inundated the standing crops in 700 acres in Kupti and Kumari villages alone in Neredigonda while flowing downstream into  the Kuntala waterfall and subsequently into Kadam irrigation project.

Kadam river is flowing high due to heavy rains in the upstream and all the rivulets and stream come from Boath and Bajarhathnoor merged into Kadam at Kupti village.

Bheemraj Goud of Kupti said the river was in spate after 2013 when hundreds of acres submerged in the floodwaters and farmers incurred a huge loss and now the Kadam again devastated the standing crops caused huge loss to farmers.

B. Vijay Kumar of the same village said floodwaters entered into the agriculture fields located close to the Kadam river and inundated standing crops and added that crops in nearly 800 acres out of 1,200 acres along the river inundated.

A portion of a historical Kupti bridge washed away in the floodwaters taking surprise on to the onlookers.

Irrigation officials released 5,000 cusecs of water from the Gaddanna vagu irrigation project by lifting two gates in Bhainsa and water also released by lifting  from Kadam, Mattadivagu, and Swarna to down streams as all the irrigation projects received rainwater to their full capacity.

Flood water enters into the houses in low-lying areas and breached the roads affecting the connectivity to the villages at various places and the situation has become worst due to rivulets and streams flowing high in Chennur and Sirpur (T) Assembly Constituencies.

Most of the low-lying bridges were submerged in the floodwaters and disrupted the transportation to the many villages in the above two constituencies. People using country made boats reach their destinations and come out of their villages surrounded by the floodwaters following the heavy rains.

Temporary bridge washed away in the floodwaters at Belgoam village in Jainad manual. Coal production was affected in the opencast mines Dorli –I and II, Khairiguda, Srirampur and Ramakrishnapur due to heavy rains and waters entered into the mines. The SCCL has suffered a loss of Rs 20 cores in terms of coal production affected due to heavy rains in the last four days.

Road connectivity disrupted to Kubheer village from Bhainsa as the Gaddannavagu project waters came onto the roads. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Selfie time at roadside waterfalls

The waterfalls were seen everywhere these days especially in hilly areas following the heavy rains in the district. 

People are taking selfies with roadside waterfalls with the water falling from hills and higher places. Most of these roadside waterfalls surface with the heavy rains.

People traveling along the NH-44 are enjoying the roadside waterfalls for the distance of 70 km from Adilabad town to Nirmal.

These waterfall are adding additional beauty to the roadside greenery and scenic beauty and travelers and people are enjoying the ride on National Highway-44. 

Commuters parking their vehicles at roadside and taking selfies with waterfalls during their journey and even people traveling in the RTC buses were  clicking photographs of roadside waterfalls from windows.

Vijaykumar of Kupti village said most of the people enjoying the beautiful roadside waterfall near Tarnam bus stand and taking their selfies and added that the heavy rains also brought large numbers of roadside waterfalls in addition to the existing waterfalls including Kuntala, Pochera and Kankai.

These roadside waterfalls have been attracting many people on the NH-44 for the last four days and most of these waterfalls surface with heavy rains.

On the other hands, the National Highway -44 has turned into nursery of colorful flowers with the flower plants and green plants in the middle of the road. It was seen two- wheeler and four wheelers moving on the roads with front lights on to avoid road accidents in the poor lighting and fog like weather enveloped the areas in the wake of heavy rains.

The Mahaboob ghats near Nirmal and Kerameri ghats also attracting many people offering them beautiful locations with the thick forests in the district. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Adivasi girls' gang rape video go viral on phones

Three youth allegedly gang raped a minor Kolam Adivasi girl,16, on the outskirts of the Asifabad town three months ago. 

The issue became known when the video clippings of rape went viral on the mobile phones recently in the area.

Asifabad police conducted an inquiry into the incident after they came to know about the incident through public and registered cases under SC and ST Atrocity (prevention), POCSO Act-2012, Criminal Law amendment act against the culprits July9.

It is learnt that Asifabad police identified three accused and were Macharla Raju, Syed Mathin and Ranjith of Asfiabad town. 

It is said that Raju gave his mobile for repair in which the ‘video’ was stored and  the repairer noticed the video while repairing and copied it on his mobile.  
Police met the girl staying in Tekamloddi village in Tiryani mandal and collected details about the incident.

It is learnt that the incident took place when the girl came to Asifabad for purchasing few things and was with an auto driver at a secluded place on the Asifabad outskirts.

According to police sources, the three miscreants who were following her for some time with criminal intention clicked the photographs of Auto driver Mallesh and girl when they were together near Chinnarajura village, 4 km from Asifabad town. 

The miscreants had started blackmailing the girl to satisfy them otherwise they will inform the matter to her parents and upload their photographs on social networking sites.

The miscreants beat up Auto driver Mallesh of Kagaznagar and another person with them the girl and miscreants took her into bushes and raped her. They also video graphed the crime.

The girl told the police that she did not come out against the accused as they threatened to kill her if she approached the police or informed the incident to others. The Asifabad police shifted the three accused to Kagaznagar  where DSP is investing the case.

Rains hampers MK phase -II

The rains have badly hit the Mission Kakatiya works under the second phase. De-siltation works of very few tanks have been completed before rains struck the district.

The huge delay in submitting estimations, clearing tenders and getting administrative sanctions affected the mission Kakatiya works. Restoration works of some tanks began in May ending in the Adilabad.   

Fishing activity is now taking place in the tanks that received rainwater where de-siltation works were hampered under Mission Kakatiya- II phase.    

According to sources, as many as 468 tanks revival works have been sanctioned  under the second phase and among them 467 were grounded. Revival works of only 13 tanks were completed so far and reaming were at different stages in the district.

Irrigation officials say works cannot be done now as tanks received rainwater and they will complete the works by December ending.

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao, who reviewed the Mission Kakatiya works taken up under phase-I and II, has expressed displeasure over poor performance in completing works in the second phase and pending works of 23 tanks out of 558 taken under phase –I in the district.

He said works of bund and field channels and Thumu can be done even tanks received rainwater adding that 41 new tanks will come up with central government funding in the Adilabad. 

As many as 1.36 lakh acre ayacut will come up including 60,000 acres of new ayacut and 76,000 acres ayacut stabilization under minor irrigation in the Adilabad district.
A mini- tank bund was sanctioned to Nirmal and to be developed with the estimated cost of Rs 20. 

On the other hand, Gaddenna vagu project and Kumram Bheem project will also be developed as mini- tank bund while developing a tank in Marlavai village as mini- tank bund in Jainoor mandal.

Meanwhile, the irrigation department will make a documentary with the success of the tanks restoration works, increased storage capacity and ground water table under mission Kakatiya in the district.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bike racing in top gear on National Highway-44

youth participating in a bike racing on Adilabad town bypass road of  NH-44 
Some enthusiastic and adventurous youth of Adilabad are conducting bike-racing competitions among themselves on Adilabad town bypass road of NH-44 especially on special occasions like festivals.

It is surprising to see the youth participating in bike racing competition in the broad daylight that is 12 noon from Chanda (T) cross roads to Mavala crossing on bypass road of NH-44 on July7.

However, police have no clue about bike racing being held on NH-44 though they were being organized regularly on NH-44 and sometimes in the late night on the road between Sanjaynagar colony to Indira Priyadarshini stadium in the Adilabad town.

After Ring Road in Hyderabad, the 5 km distance Adilabad bypass road of four- lane National Highway- 44 has become a venue for bike racing by youth from well-to-do families and betting thousands of rupees on bike racing with 220 CC and 150 CC motorbikes.

Sometimes, these bike racings are also held with general bikes too. Apart from the bike races, the youth bike riders do bike stunts.   

The Mavala Grampanchayat point was taken as starting mark and Chanda (T) village crossing in Adilabad mandal as an endpoint or vice versa in the bike race for 5 km distance on NH-44.

These bike races were named after cinemas ‘Dhoom -1,2 and 3’ and ‘Race’ in which bikes races are popular. One can see youth riding costly ‘Kawasaki Ninja’ bikes in the Adilabad. 

It is said that some of the youth those participate in the bike races not even do not have driving licenses. The bike racings’ information kept secret and passing onto the participants’ mobiles.

G. Santosh of Adilabad town who had a passion towards racing bikes said ‘bike races were being conducted among the closed network of youth and that too in the late nights’.

One can see the youth riding costly and modern bikes with 80-100 km speed on main roads and even in by-lanes in the Adilabad town. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Liquor flows at Kuntala

Along with floodwater, liquor is flowing at Kuntala waterfall and it is surprising to know that women are taking the liquor bottles hidden in their handbags to down for their husbands or family members to escape checking at the entry point at Kuntala waterfall.

Guards deployed there say that they can’t check the women visitors and they were taking this an advantage. There are no police checks at the entrance to Kuntala in Neredigonda.

One can find empty liquor bottle scattered in plain area and near rocks and in the bushes. Most of the visitors especially youth and men come with families from other districts to Kuntala waterfall, celebrate with liquor and some of the families even cook non- vegetarian food there itself.

After consuming liquor, men and youth go to near gushing water and enjoy clicking the photographs in an inebriated condition. People in inebriated condition can’t control themselves in emergencies, unlike normal people.

Guard Poshetti Munuguru said some of the women taking liquor bottles hidden  in their handbags for their hands and family members to escape checking at the entrance to Kuntala waterfall.

Devidas Pawar, who is checking at the entrance, said some of the visitors hiding liquor bottles under carpets of the seats in their vehicles to avoid seizure of the liquor during checking and said they were helpless in controlling the liquor at the Kuntala waterfall.

Earlier, Neredigonda police used to conduct vehicles checking before allowing them to proceed towards the Kuntala waterfall and prohibited liquor sale at the roadside dabhas and hotels but one can’t find such measures now in place.

Poshetti expressed anxiety over college girls coming with their boyfriends and spending much time in the bushes or inside the forests at the Kuntala waterfall and added that unscrupulous elements may target the girls by attacking the men with the girls. He suggested that girls and women should not go into bushes and deep into forests for their safety.

It is suspected that some of the guards were not paying much attention to the materials the visitors carry and turn a blind eye to liquor celebrations by visitors.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Food poisoning at TS hostels a regular now

Incidents of food poisoning taking place frequently in government hostels are not only affecting the health of the hostel inmates but also creating anxiety among the parents about the safety and security of their children studying in hostels. 

The food poisoning incidents are also causing student deaths in hostels in the Adilabad district.

An SSC student Pendore Pravin, studying at Jatharla Ashram School in Bajarhathnoor mandal , recently died of food poising and five others students who also fell sick underwent medical treatment at RIMS, Adilabad.

It is suspected that polluted water and poor quality food material are being used in preparing the food and poor sanitation in the kitchen adds to the dangers.

It is high time for the hostel staff to be more cautious while using water. Fresh water is coming into open wells and borewells due to heavy rains after a long gap  will be polluted and needs to be examined before using it for food preparations.

An Adivasi student of Raghapur village in Sirpur (U) Kova Divya,14, studying at a private residential school in Adilabad also died in suspicious circumstances. The management of the school said that she developed vomiting and died while undergoing treatment.

Both the incidents took place in the last five days after the schools have reopened and the district has started receiving rains.

The saddest part is that Divya, studying class VIII, died just four days after she was admitted in the best available private school after she was selected in a screening test conducted by the ITDA, Utnoor.

Adivasi leaders alleged that deaths of Adivasi students were taking  place due to the negligence of the officials concerned and staff of the Tribal Ashram Schools in maintaining the institutions properly and not providing good quality food.

Adivasi JAC leader of Utnoor Kanaka Venkateshwar Rao demanded that the state government announce Rs 25 lakh exgratia to the families of the deceased students and government job and ensuring insurance cover under Girirakshna for inmates of the tribal ashram schools.

The ITDA, Utnoor project officer R.V Karnan suspended the warden of the Jatharla Tribal Ashram School and issued show cause notices to two others staff members holding them responsible for the death of food poisoning incident.

Rains bring plenty of green grass

The continuous heavy rains brought abundant green grass to life and cattle were seen grazing everywhere unlike a few days back. 

It was seen cattle grazing on the fringes of the forests and barren lands and drinking water in the streams and rivulets in the Adilabad district. 

Farmers struggled to feed fodder and provide water to the cattle during the summer and some of them sold out their cattle at cheaper prices and cattle grazers also took a lot of pain taking the cattle for long distances in search of greener pasture and water.

Now, cattle grazers are seemed to be not worried about grass and water for cattle and just leaving them roadside fields and resting for some time.

With the heavy rains, surroundings have become lush green especially in forests. 
Agriculture labourers are busy in weeding operations in the agriculture fields with good rains and some of the farmers were just began tilling and sowing seeds.

The rural areas seem painted green and people become busy with the agriculture operations. After successive droughts, most of the farmers have pinned hopes on the rains this Kharif to cope-up with the situation.

Y. Narayana of Neredigonda said he had sown cotton in his three acres of land and there was good germination and added that normal rainfall is enough now to the growing plants instead incessant rains would cause damage to the plants and  attract pesticide attack.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Flash floods pose danger at Kuntala

Flash floods are likely to hit the visitors thronging Kuntala waterfall which received good water in the last days due to heavy rains in the upstream.

As many 35 streams and rivulets are flowing in the upstream of Kuntala waterfall and flows in Kuntala waterfall. Nearly 100 people drowned so far at Kuntala waterfall though officials put the number above 40.

The enthusiastic visitors are risking their lives violating the safety measure while bathing and clicking photographs and climbing the rocks despite the warnings by the watchmen deployed their as security to avoid untoward incidents.   

Large numbers of people from Hyderabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Warangal thronging the Kuntala waterfall in the last one week.

Floodwaters were gushing from the top with force and there was every possibility of people near the gushing water slip down and drown. Visitors ventured into slippery areas to take photographs uncaring about the dangers involved.

Upstream not only in the Boath, Neredigoda and Itchoda but also in bordering Maharashtra received good rains. Identifying the flash floods with the suddenly increased water flow is very difficult to notice by the over enthusiastic people.

There is every possibility of taking a tragic incident like Beas river accident in which above 24 engineering students washed away due to the release of water to downstream when floodgates of Larji hydroelectric power project were opened without giving any prior caution in Himachal Pradesh in June 2014. The visitors cannot see the increase in water flow as floodwater falls from the down.

Kuntala waterfall is attracting many visitors with its scenic beauty of gushing water amidst hillocks with lush green.

In the five years, for the first time, Kuntala waterfall received good water one month early unlike in the past due to heavy rains in the up streams after successive droughts and the water flow is high at Kuntala by the first week of July itself.

A guard deployed at Kuntala waterfall Munuguru Poshetti said more than five members of a single family of Bellampalli have washed away in the flashfloods at Kuntala waterfalls in the past and also members of a family of Hyderabad also met the same fate while they were enjoying the gushing water.

He said enthusiastic visitors are playing with water without caring his warnings and there was a danger of flash floods due to heavy rains in the upstream for the last two days and added that 12 watchman were deployed for the safety and security of the visitors.

He said they were in need of announcement mike to alert the people enjoying at long distance at Kuntala waterfall. 

Emotional angle to Nirmal district

An emotional attachment is being seen to the creation of new districts in the Adilabad. Endowment Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy has announced that the Nirmal district to be created will be named after Goddess Saraswathi as Basar temple is located in Nirmal area.

The state government has announced that Mancherial district will be named after Adivasi legendary Kumram Bheem. 

Kumram Bheem died while fighting with the Nizam forces at Jodeghat in Kerameri mandal on September1,1940.   

It is said that political leaders are using emotional angle on the state government especially Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for the creation of a new district with their town as headquarters. 

Being an Endowment Minister, Indrakaran Reddy preferred naming the Nirmal district after knowledge goddess Saraswati. Basar Saraswati temple is the second one in the country after one in Kashmir.

Devotees not only from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh but also neighboring states also visit the temple to take the blessings of goddess Saraswati. Especially parents take their children for Aksharabhysam.

It is learned that a ground level survey would be conducted to assess the feasibility of creating Nirmal district though the news is making rounds in the political circles that Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao has agreed in principle, to create the Nirmal district. Subsequently, Endowment Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy offered special prayers at Basar.

On the other hand, members of the committees agitating demanding the state government create Nirmal district strongly opposed the demand merger of Basar town into the bordering Nizamabad district.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Murder creates panic among students, parents

The killing of a girl in broad daylight by a stalker in Bhainsa has created panic among parents, especially school and college going girls in the district. 

This incident also exposed the irresponsible attitude of the people to inhuman and tragic incidents take place just in front of them.

The incident brought the safety and security issue of school and college going girl students into sharp focus and is also giving anxious movements to parents.

Even today, people hesitate to rescue the people being attacked inhumanly because of the fear that police will harass them if they get involved in the incident and try to play safe.

It is surprising to know that a physically handicapped woman aged 45 years who was sitting in front of her house raised the alarm on seeing the stalker Mahender overpowering the victim Sandhya and slitting her throat with a knife in Balaramnagar colony in Bhainsa town on July2 afternoon.

The physically handicapped woman tried to save the victim but she could not move while able bodies tried to play safe.  

People gathered at the crime spot but did not try to save her while she was struggling for life. Meanwhile, she died on the spot due to heavy bleeding.

The victim Sandhya’s mother D. Saroja said she was helpless and was running her family by rolling beedis and added that they never thought of her daughter would be killed brutally in a broad day light.

Questions have been raised over the way the police dealt with the issue in the past when the when victim’s family members brought the issue to the notice of the local police. The police made both the parties compromise and did not take any action against the accused.

It is said that the incident would not have occurred if police had taken action against the accused in the past. It is learned that the accused surrendered before the police after committing the crime. 

Youth kills girl for rejecting proposal:

A stalker killed a minor girl for refusing to marry him in the broad daylight in Gopalnagar colony in Bhainsa town on July2. The victim was identified as D. Sandhya,16, while the accused is Mahesh,21, studying degree the second year from same colony and neighbors. Sandhya had lost his her father some time ago and her mother was taking care of her.    

Mahesh overpowered Sandhya and slit her throat with a knife near her home. He fled when a neighbor raised an alarm on seeing the incident.

The girls’ mother had complained about Mahesh’s harassment to the police and both the parties had after the intervention of the local police.      

Mahesh had been harassing the girl since one –and -a - half years. He created a scene during the engagement function of the girl with another man by showing a photograph in which he was with Sandhya and the incident resulted in the cancellation of the engagement.