Monday, May 22, 2017

New moms get own coolers

Maternity ward in district govt hospital in Karimnagar
The intense heat has led to some mothers arranging their air coolers on their own for their newborn babies in the maternity ward in the district government hospital in Karimnagar district headquarters.

People of Karimnagar district have been experiencing high temperatures coupled with the heat waves over the last 10 days.

It is seen that family members of the lactating women have arranged their own four air coolers and three table fans at their beds in the maternity ward in the hospital.
The hospital authorities had arranged a cooler in the maternity ward to keep the hall cool but these are not sufficient.

On seeing this, family members of the lactating women brought their own coolers and kept near their respective beds.

However, the entire scenario indicates the pathetic conditions which the new mothers face in maternity wards in the government hospitals in general.

The coolers are kept in such a place that they cool mothers and newborn while the cool breeze doest not cover the attendants. The attendants have covered the windows with covers to protect themselves from the heat waves.

Some of the hospitals are facing acute drinking water shortage, even patients and their attendants are victims of this scarcity.

Some of the poor patients using table fans in addition to the ceiling fans available in the maternity ward. Most of these women from nearby villages and gave birth  and they were yet to be discharged.

Mahesh of Ramadugu mandal,  new father, said they have arranged their own cooler near the bed to keep both the mother and baby cool and protect them from the high temperatures.   

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Youths beer binge turns fatal

The number of road accidents in old Adilabad district has increased in the summer, as the motorists take to the road after drinking chilled beer.

This has been the cause of a number of accidents that have recently taken place in the Adilabad, Mancherial and Nirmal districts.

Beers sales have increased over the past 15 days, to match the increase in temperatures. In old Adilabad district, people have been experiencing temperatures as high as 46 degree Celsius.

A majority of the road accidents have taken places in the broad daylight, after the consumption of alcohol by young drivers.

In a number of cases, inebriated youngsters have been found riding bikes on NH-44. Two youths died and two others were seriously injured in a road accident that took place Mankuguda in Bheempur mandal of Adilabad district on May 15. The boys had come to Markaguda village attend a marriage.

At the time of the accident, they were on their way to a liquor shop in Bheempur mandal headquarters, buy cold beers to beat the heat. It is learnt that already they had already consumed some alcohol, and this was their second trip to the liquor shop.
In their drunken condition, they hit the RTC bus coming in the opposite direction. 

It has become common practice for the youth to drink chilled beers to keep cool in the intolerable heat. After drinking they often ride bikes without even wearing a helmet.
Nearly seven youngsters have died over the past 15 days, in the daytime in the old Adilabad district.

B. Venkatesh of Adilabad town says that these accidents have been caused by the negligence of people who drive in an inebriated condition. “Youth who have consumed alcohol should not come onto the roads with their bikes”, he says.