Thursday, June 1, 2017

Politicos go online to boost'19 chances

Candidates who were defeated in the previous elections, and those who are aspiring to receive a ticket, have launched a war of words on social networking sites in preparation for next elections.

Most sitting MLAs and Ministers have also launched their campaigns. They are posting information on the contribution that they have made to the welfare and development of their respective constituencies, along with the figures and graphics.

Meanwhile, defeated candidates have been trying to  highlight the inadequacies , failings and unfulfilled promised of the MLAs.

The social networking sites may play an important role in the election campaign, with the candidates showing an interest in reaching out to the youth and educated class.
Political leaders have created Facebook pages, and they regularly post updates regarding their activities.

Some Ministers have appointed PROs to post updates to the  media and on social media on their behalf. Some leaders have even- thrown parties for the media persons, to ensure that no damaging news about them appears in the media.

Alleti Maheshwar Reddy, the president of the Adilabad District Congress Committee and a former MLA, has been posting on Nirmal DCC Facebook page, to  promote himself and challenge his opponent Allola Indrakaran Reddy.

Supporters of  Jogu Ramanna, minister for forest and environment, regularly post details of the development works  carried out in the Adilabad Assembly Constituency over the past three years, the long- pending Korata Chanaka barrage works that have finally been taken up, and the strengthening of canals under the Satnala irrigation project.

Adilabad Municipal Council Floor leader Bandari Satish of TRS said it was the fact the social networking sites are playing a crucial role in spreading the information across all the sections especially youth and educated unlike in the past and it was easy to get publicity for the activities and reaching out to the voters without any cost.

He said even one can get feedback on the information posted through responses and political leaders could improve their performance with the feed back.